E-commerce Adoption in the Developing Nations Part 3 – E-commerce Readiness in the Developing Nation

Because of the reason that E-commerce needs basic facilities to run, in order to adopt it in the developing nations their E-readiness should be assessed first. Most of the developing nations have low E-readiness. There is limited Internet access, poor telecommunications facilities, inconvenient policy and legal environment, insufficient e-banking and payment infrastructure and lack of online culture. These issues should be addressed first in order to create conducive environment for E-commerce to run.

Following are basic e-readiness areas which should be set for the adoption of E-commerce in the nations.

1. As Internet is one of the basic facilities for Electronic commerce, affordable access of the Internet should be facilitated. This opens the society a door to explore what is in the world and see business opportunities and adopt the practice of E-commerce.

2. E-commerce awareness should be raised among entrepreneurs, enterprises and the society as a whole. If these people know how E-commerce benefits their business and nation as a whole, no doubt that they will adopt the technology and practice it.

3. Raising online buying and selling habits of the society is another issue which should be set for the adoption of E-commerce. People in the developing nations do business in a face to face basis. Therefore, the idea of buying a product or service online, from someone they do not see in face is a big move to make. They raise trust issues. Thus, this online business habit should be well addressed first to create a workable environment for E-commerce.

4. Telecommunications, payment and Logistics infrastructures are among the basic facilities E-commerce needs to run. Almost no E-commerce transaction is carried out without a secured online payment system. Telecommunications and Logistics infrastructures are also the bases of Electronic way of doing business. Thus, these facilities should be set first for the complete operation of E-commerce.

5. The high price associated with computers is another issue of E-commerce in these nations. Thus, affordable access of computers should be facilitated.

6. In most of the developing nations E-commerce policy and legal issues are not addressed well enough. Without E-commerce policy and law it is almost impossible to run an Electronic business. Thus, convenient policy and legal conditions should be addressed primarily in the adoption process of E-commerce.

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