The E-Book Has Revolutionized Reading

E-books are basically electronic books and are the computerized equivalent of printed books. These books are read on the computer, laptop, PDA or on specialized hardware called the e-book reader.When the concept of online reading was new, e-books attracted only a select audience who had very specific interests mainly dealing in technical knowledge. Gradually, as the concept of e-reading caught on, many e-book formats evolved. Some had the backing of major software companies whereas others like the adobe`s PDF format were encouraged by independent people.The initial market of e-books lacked a common standard and this led to many e-book publishers marketing these books in the public domain. New authors who were struggling to find a readership base went online to get more exposure. This also led to illegal and unauthorized availability of books on the internet. But, with e-books having gained tremendous popularity, a consensus is emerging and exclusive hardware for e-books are being developed.Some of the most used formats for e-book reading include readers like Adobe, Microsoft, Rocket e-book, Mobipocket, PDF and TK3. If your computer does not have the required software installed for e-book reading, the software will have to be downloaded and installed prior to reading any e-books.Most of the software can be downloaded for free. The PDF is most popular because it has features like book marking, being able to save or highlight specific text and also take notes. The advantage is that unlike traditional books this does not require sheaves of paper or pen and can be done in a single electronic file.For the die-hard paper fan, it is even possible to print the e-book on paper and carry them with him. Not many of course want the inconvenience of lugging around heavy books anymore and in any case, there are only so many books which one can carry. For this reason people prefer e-books because you can carry innumerable pages of text and drawings on a single e-book.An e-book is read for many reasons. Some read it for sheer enjoyment while others use it as a tool for research. E-books can also be downloaded to catch up on your favorite author. For avid readers, e-books provide the opportunity to read the latest book without having to step out of the house to buy it. All he needs to do is go online. No more scrounging around in musty bookshops trying to lay your hand on that out-of-print book or queuing up in interminable lines for the latest bestseller.An amazing array of e-books is available online in e-book stores where you can find books on all genres. From the typical bestsellers to the classics, from the latest technical books to the most obscure books- you can find them all in e-book stores.The pricing of an e-book is also less than what you would pay for a traditional printed book. This is because it costs less to publish an e-book than a printed one. Also, there are many authors who cannot afford a publishing house. For them, self-publishing online is affordable and ensures wider exposure. They may also sometimes offer free initial reading to boost sales.Storing a growing library is also a matter of concern for those avid readers who lack the necessary space in their homes. E-books take care of this problem.An e-book is the solution for people who like to read but cannot make the time to buy books or do not have the required space to store books.

Small Business Success – The Top 10 Keys

For small businesses, having a good business idea alone is not in itself a sure-fire formula for success.In fact, any venture has a far better chance of achievement if it’s based on accurate business planning, smart marketing, close monitoring of everything, confidence in your product or service and yourself, and determination to make it all happen.So here are 10 keys why small businesses succeed in their venture. The information they contain might appear to be common sense but it’s always helpful to be reminded of the basics, which are so often lost when our heads are buried in the quagmire that is so often known as a business life.1. Field experiencePeople establishing their own small business in a field where they have been employed or are associated with people who have these experiences know the field, understand its potential, have been exposed to its failings, lived through the pitfalls and so can plan accordingly.2. Service providersSmall business people who have steered clear of manufacturing and retailing industries which are capital-intensive ventures and require continuing cash support – both of which are tangled with snares. They provide outsourced human resources and services, sometimes those required to launch and sustain the aforementioned enterprises.3. Start-up costsThe overwhelming majority of successes require minimal start-up investment. Low capital costs mean greatly reduced stress on cash flow to repay external loans or personal investment in the business and lower the risk in general.4. Running costsSuccessful people in small businesses look to maximizing profits and keep overheads and expenses to a minimum. They focus their energy on building and developing their business rather than keeping a costly image.5. Market necessityThe market must need what you are offering in a small business. Businesses which fulfil a need in the market have a better chance of succeeding than those that don’t – no amount of marketing will create demand for a product or service which no-one wants.6. Specialised planBusinesses which fulfil the demands of niche markets are more successful than those that try to be all things to all people. Selective specialisation in an area of high competency provides natural focus and direction for a business and the potential for providing improved service.7. Future demandSuccessful small businesses ensure that there is not only a need for their service but also a continuing demand for it which will ensure their continuing viability. They also have contingency plans in place for development of their product or service to accommodate new information, technology and social changes.8. Growth factorSmall Businesses which plan for achievable growth are more successful than those that look for quantum leaps in profitability. They take into account every aspect of their operation and ensure their goals can be met. They also realise that profitability is not the only factor involved in their long-term growth and success.9. Economic factorsSuccessful small businesses rarely feel the full effects of economic upheaval since they can adapt more readily and are not lumbered with huge capital commitments. Indeed, many of them found a catalyst in economic recession and the outsourcing engaged in by companies reduced to a lean operating budget.10. Service elementsSuccessful small businesses are not restrained by red tape, can adapt quickly, adopt new trends and, most importantly, provide close relationships with clients. They are able to provide high levels of service and quality which also favour their success and often leads to new businesses through referral.

Online Schools Degree Opportunities

The Internet has established a modern approach to earning an education by providing students with the option to gain certificates and degrees online. With the continued expansion of technology and sustained demand from students, colleges and universities supply online degree programs. The opportunities available cover an exceptional mixture of professional industries.Online learning is available to everyone, which is making the popularity of what it offers increase yearly. Whether students want to take specific courses or gain a degree they can find a school that offers what they need. One of the most valued aspects of online learning is that it allows students to study from home. The accessibility is extremely helpful for disabled individuals who can’t commute to a college everyday, and for students who can’t attend a traditional college due to work and family responsibility. Many people are utilizing online schools to gain advanced degrees that allow them to step into top-level jobs inside respected fields. The prospects and benefits of online learning are making it possible for individuals in all walks off life to earn certificates and degrees.Certificate programs help students in a few key ways. Students who can’t enroll in a full degree program can work through a certificate program to gain college credit in their chosen field. This helps students because they can transfer earned credits to a degree program. This is also applicable to students that don’t have very much extra time to devote to studies. Certificates are great for this purpose because many only take around three months to complete. Many postgraduate students use certificate programs to gain more specialized training or learn a new program or technique. For example, a financial professional can enroll in a program to learn the new computer program needed for their job.Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs offer a balanced education that allows students to enter entry-level positions. Study generally consists of general education and degree concentrated courses. A bachelor’s degree in business for instance would have coursework on humanities, English, and science, while focusing on accounting, marketing, and management. Almost all programs at the associate and bachelor level are designed this way to establish a strong base in education for the professional world.Inside a master’s degree or doctorate degree program student’s focus on advanced professional skills. A master’s degree typically requires students to complete 60 credit hours, which is around two years of schooling. Although some coursework includes general education study overall schooling focuses heavily on learning advanced career skills. Knowledge earned provides students with the ability to step into corporate and managerial positions. Doctorate degree programs teach students to become experts in their respected fields and typically provide education for students that want to become researchers and professors.Accredited online degree opportunities leave everything up to students, from choosing the correct degree to learning. Degrees can be earned in nursing, business, mass media, advertising, and much more. Students who can’t attend a traditional college but want to earn an education should consider enrolling in an online degree program. People who are dedicated, self-motivated, and want to attain success will find an online degree program for their goals.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by