How to Find Cheaper Flights

Cheaper airline flights, they are on every body’s wish list but how do we find them? In this article, I will share ideas that you can use.As a veteran, of many years in the tour industry I had travelled with individuals who choose to arrange their own flights when booking a tour, and others who would rather have the flight included as part of the tour package.There are two schools of thought of which is better, and I have found it boils down to a personal choice and your personal situation.The advantage to having your flight included in the tour package is that it is one-stop shopping. For one fee, everything is taken care of for you, including in many packages, airport transportation to and from your hotels. In most cases, this can work quite well, but at times there can be a downside. There are situations in which you do not have a choice of your flight itinerary, causing your routing to be skewed with crazy departure and arrival hours. These situations are quite often next to impossible to change.The alternative is to book your flight, you do have to spend time doing your own research or visit a travel agent, but this in most cases ensures you receive the routing you want, set to your own schedule and at times a more favourable price. You may also have the opportunity to use points from airline reward programs.With inconsistency of airline schedules the last year couple of years the second option seems to becoming more popular.How do you find the deals when booking flights?I’m going to share with you some techniques I’ve used over the years to obtain more desirable flights and prices.Over the last year or two, I’ve done my fair share of flying and have refined my methods of making sure that I always get the best flight for my needs available. I wish I could tell you “there was only one service you need use,” but in reality it does not work that way. Since there are so many variables at play, for best results you have to examine a number of sites. So how do you get the best airfare?Travel AgentIf you have the trusted travel agency it might be worth it to check with them first. Travel agents make their living by finding terrific deals for customers, and while there is extensive information available on the Internet, the agents have not all gone out of business and can still offer value.InternetIf you want to find your own flight you have to be willing to put in little time; research is the key and to be comfortable with the Internet will be most beneficial. A great way to increase your general knowledge of travel research would be to start by signing up for one or more of the available online newsletters, provided by travel agencies and airlines. As well as increasing your general travel knowledge it could make you aware of significant deals before such information is on general release.Know What You Want. When you want to arrive at your destination, and when you would like to depart. If possible, arrange to be flexible and do not limit your options.For exampleIf you are planning a long haul, or international travel, it could be a good idea to consider splitting the journey into separate flights. You will have to factor in longer travel time and will possibly fly further, but it could make significant savings. Ensure your stopover does not require an overnight stay as any savings from your flight might be eaten up from staying in a hotel.Before you start your research, it is best to search the Internet and familiarize with the different types of booking sites and companies that fall under each category.Aggregators: These are historically the best bets. They check airfares for many different airlines and do not charge a fee.Examples include: KayakSkyscannerYahoo TravelBing Travel Booking Engines: They check several websites and take a small fee in addition to the price of the flight. Examples include: TravelocityOrbitzExpediaCheapticketsHotwirePricelineMobissimoMost airlines own websites with their own reservation options. Examples include:AirtranAlaskaAmericaWestAmerican AirlinesAir CanadaContinental FrontierJet Blue NorthwestSun CountrySouthwestSpiritU.S.AirwaysUnited AirlinesWestjetMost Other Airlines International Travel: VayamaSkyScannerMomondoOther OptionsBudget airlinesBudget airlines such as Irelands Ryanair, often have “Promotional Flight Sales” or free ‘flights sales’ (technically $1 or $2 orĀ£1) to build up a client base. Of course, taxes and other charges are extra but the deals can still be sweet.Charter flightsIt is worth checking charter airlines and travel agents, and just asking them for best last-minute charter deals.Charter flights are pre booked flights provided by package holiday companies to transport their passengers. If you are headed to a traditional package holiday destination, you may be able to find one super-cheap. As the operator books the whole plane, there’s sometimes spare capacity, which they can offer extremely cheap to flight-only customers (it’ll only go to waste if unsold).Do remember that the absolute cheapest flight may well be like the Holy Grail, and not available. Once you have found a flight, which is acceptable in terms of the cost, you could be well advised to book it, because the volatile nature of flight costing could mean that if you delay too long, you lose the deal. I hope this has given you ideas on how to begin research and that you will enjoy the satisfaction of finding your own flight treasures.If you have any stories or questions about finding cheaper flights and would like to share or for that matter any travel related themes you would like discuss or share; send them off to us. We will read the all and post our favorites.Well this is all we have for today’s article, let us know what you think and visit us at next time Safe Travel and Have Fun! Gerry

Las Vegas Hotels for the Smart Travellers

When people are traveling to a location like Las Vegas, they will have so many options to spend money. It only makes sense that they will want to save as much money as possible. One way that people might think about saving money is in the place they chose to book for their hotel.Some people might want to spend money on a hotel room that will give them the grand Las Vegas experience. This is fine and certainly there are hotels that cater to those who want the pampered, over the top Las Vegas experience. Then again, some people just need a decent place to sleep and to freshen up. This is all that they want to pay for and they would rather spend their money on gambling, food, and shows than on the overhead cost of some high-end hotel. For people such as these, here is a list of cheap hotels located in Las Vegas:1. Motel 6: This is the most basic of hotels, but then again, it is there for people who only require a clean room and a bathroom. The rooms run $35.00 off peak and up to $80.00 during the peak season.2. The Riviera Hotel: This is an oldie but goodie hotel left over from Rat Pack days in Las Vegas. It is located on the public transportation line, is suitable, and well-maintained. It runs from $60.00 to $150.00.3. Travelodge Hotel South Strip: This hotel is at the bottom of the strip and is located by many popular attractions as well as close to shopping. The rates can get up to $150.004. Ballys Casino Resort: This is the Las Vegas location of this hotel chain. The other location is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As for Las Vegas, it is a great value because it is a bit older, still offers the resort experience. Best of all, it is in the middle of the strip.5. Palms Resort Hotel: This hotel can get to be a bit pricey, but if you catch them during the right times of year, you can have a room here for $80.00 a night, which is the same peak price for some of the lower end hotels during peak time.6. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino: This is another oldie but goodie hotel. It is located in downtown Las Vegas and it is for the traveler looking for some local flavor and adventure.7. Excalibur Hotel and Casino: This is a child friendly resort that offers gambling for the grownups and games and amenities that the kids will like. Also, there is a mono-rail that travels to the other casinos in the area.8. Circus Circus Hotel: This is another child friendly venue. There is a roller coaster on site and as the name implies, the atmosphere is like…a CIRCUS!9. Tropicana Hotel: This is another classic property in Las Vegas. This hotel is also along the monorail line and hosts a nice tropical atmosphere. Customers will feel relaxed here.There you have it! If you are a person who’d rather save their money for tours, shows, and some of the best restaurants in the world, you should stay at one of these hotels to save money.

How To Avail Flight and Hotel Packages for Cheap Tours?

Travelling by air is convenient as people get a host of opportunities during both international and domestic journeys. There has been a significant increase in the number of airlines around the world in the last two decades that has given globetrotters a wider range of options while checking international flight schedules. However, making a plan for a tour with family and friends can be quite expensive in modern days because of high conveyance charges and costly accommodation prices. These two sectors make up most of the expenses of a tour and high charges on these often desist people to take vacations. Vacations have become costlier just because of the impact of these factors. Nevertheless, few simple tactics can yield the best rates while planning out and excursion.Plan EarlyThe first and arguably, one of the most important factors in determining the cost of the tour is planning efficiently. It has been found out after numerous surveys that making an outline of the tour well in advance can save thousands of bucks. It is understood that sometimes it is just not possible to chalk out an itinerary due to the suddenness of the trip. However, a pre-planned tour is always cheaper than a sudden trip just because of the fact that holidaymakers can start early. This also means that travellers can check the flight schedules and seat availability well in advance. Booking almost a month in prior to the actual journey has been found out to be cheaper by quite a margin; thus proving that an advanced planning reaps reduced trip charges.Packages Combine the Best OptionsVacationers who are looking for the best travel prices can check websites, which are dedicated for this purpose. Such portals offer a plethora of opportunities to chalk out trips at the cheapest charges. Holidaymakers can choose from the package options, which chart out a precise itinerary to the number of attractions at a popular destination. Making reservations for flights and hotels separately can cost enormously more than booking them in a bulk. These flight and hotel packages make all arrangements regarding travel, food and accommodation during a trip and offer discounts; as a result reducing travel expenses.Carry a Web Research SmartlyIt is understood that while chalking out a trip or choosing a package, a detailed research is to be carried out on the web. It has been found out that often, travellers spend days researching on travel portals to hit upon the best itinerary. Some system protocol must be maintained to get the best rates and opting for the same. It has been suggested by frequent fliers that it is always wise to clear the history every time after a research session is conducted. Some of these websites have a way of tracking the system from where a number of surveys are being carried out at any point of time. Subsequently, the rates between the commonly searched destinations are displayed a bit higher than the actual. Clearing the history and cache negates such a chance and travellers are able to get the original rates.These factors have a considerable impact on travelling in the modern age and the rates can be reduced by following these steps. However, all said and done, vacationers should keep in mind that a lot depends on the circumstances and chances and also some other terms as well.